Irish Dance Tips – Bonus Content!

So we promised you 10 top tips…..but we like to under-promise and over-deliver here at Dancewise so we have some bonus tips for you as well!

1 – When you’re working really hard on improving your technique, your concentration might make you forget to let go and just dance.   Irish Dance was first and foremost a social dance – remember to enjoy it

2 – Irish dance is supposed to be fun, so while you’re working hard on perfecting your technique, make sure you give yourself a chance to enjoy it – find the right class for YOU full of like-minded people who are as positive, passionate and dedicated as you are.

3 – Make sure you’re getting enough performance experience – dance is a performing art so get out there and show off what you can do! If you’re in Hampshire or Dorset, why not get involved with Dancewises’s annual show in a professional theatre?!

4 – Check your teacher’s credentials – Dancewsise Director and Irish Dance teacher, Alison Jones is an ex-professional Irish dancer who toured in the 2003 Irish Dance Show Celtic Dreams. She is qualified to teach multiple dance styles and can give you the value of over 15 years teaching experience.  Wherever you choose to learn, talk to your teacher so you’re sure they have the experience and qualifications that you deserve!  Any good teacher will be happy to set your mind at rest.

5 – Check your studios credentials – Dancewise has been running our unique and very popular Irish Dance classes since 2005 and have taught thousands of people to dance in that time.  Make sure the studio you’re learning from has a proven track record so you know you’ll be getting a great Irish Dance experience!

6 – What next? If you’d like advice on places to learn, do contact us – we’ll be happy to help if we can!  If you live in Hampshire or Dorset and you’re not already enrolled in a Dancewise Irish Dance class, contact us at on 023 8001 9845 and we’ll arrange for you to have a FREE class!

7- Is it for me? Yes! Irish Dance is great for kids, teens & adults from beginners to advanced dancers – Dancewise currently offers Irish classes for 4 year olds up to 104 year olds and we have classes aimed at complete beginners and very experienced Irish dancers.  Come and join the Dancewise fam – we’d love to meet you!


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