What does it mean to be part of our dance family?!

Great question!

Lots of dance schools are all about learning how to dance…..fair enough!

For us, learning some dance moves is actually only part of what it means to be part of our Dancewise family.

Easy for us to say – but what does that even mean?

It means we notice if a student is behaving in a way that’s out of character for them – and then we do something about it.

It’s remembering what our students tell us from one week to the next – because we really care. (And caring about the ‘little’ things they tell us when they’re 5, means they know they can trust us with the big things when they’re in their 20s…)

It’s about being their port in the storm. Somewhere they know they can go when everything is getting on top of them. It’s them feeling 100% sure that we won’t try to ‘fix’ it. Instead, we’ll listen, love them, and won’t judge them. Ever.

It means we care so deeply about them that once they’ve shared what’s on their minds, we don’t just leave it at the studio. We truly care which turns into a card in the post or an email. Just to let them know we’re still thinking about them. To let them know we still love them even when we’re at home doing the washing up!

And (even though it’s sometimes tricky!), it means being open ourselves. Always in a way that’s totally appropriate. Always in a way that’s about the needs of the student not the team member. But understanding (and being vulnerable) to share elements of our own life experiences. To let the student know they’re not alone. In a real way. That someone they know has been there before (and survived!). And that even the people they look up to don’t have perfect lives. Raw. Relatable. Real.

There’s loads of other things that go with being part of the #dancewisefamily of course. But these are some of the really important things.

And none of them are to do with learning dance moves!

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Some of our dance family!
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