One of the best compliments – EVER!

Every year we do a show (well….nearly every year, not 2020 obvs!!)

And every year people say lovely things about the show.

“I just don’t know how you DO it!”

“I wan’t expecting THAT!”

“Her brother was dreading sitting through it – but he LOVED it!”

Yet none of these take the prize of being the BEST compliment I’ve ever received about the show.

(But do keep em coming….! I’m a Libran so I do enjoy any and ALL compliments!! #JokingNotJoking)

Want to know my favourite compliment from this years show?

It was from a student who’s done a bazillion shows with lots of different organisations.

They said:

“You deserve a medal for putting on a show without transferring your show stress to the students. It’s hand on my heart the calmest backstage experience I’ve ever had.”

Priceless to me.

THIS is what it’s about!

Students should ALWAYS feel safe that their teachers aren’t going to take their feelings out on them.

They should FEEL that the whole thing is calm, fun – and only exciting for the right reasons!

We had some similar comments from the parent of a different student – but that’s for another day and another blog post!

The point is, these are the things we hold dear. That our students feel safe with us. That they can Just Be who they want to be.

Even if they forget their hair grips!

Even if they fluff the choreo!

Even if they forget everything you ever taught them and you wonder if you accidentally taught them in Swahili!!

In fact – WHATEVER mistakes they make!

(And fun fact….as soon as they’re not worried about that stuff because they know you won’t scream at them, they tend not to make mistakes. And perform breathtakingly. Just saying!)

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Dancers backstage – calm and excited!
Dancers backstage – calm and excited!
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