How best to learn to dance? A dance class in Hythe, Southampton or the whole world?!

Everyone give me a woop woop if you love the internet! The t’interweb! The information superhighway!

Woop woop!

Yes me too – and where would we be without it? You can find out everything from what colour clothes you’ll look best in to what questions you’ll get asked at your first job interview.

And there’s a guide or youtube tutorial that will teach you just about anything – I once had lots of fun trying to copy a professional chef preparing a whole crab but that’s another blog post!

Here at Dancewise we love dancing, we love learning and we love teaching – in fact we love everything about being in a dance class! So here’s our run down of the pros and cons for learning to dance off youtube!


So – what’s my verdict? I think youtube has it’s place and can have massive value. I think in addition to a real dance class it can be very useful.

But I don’t think it could replace coming to a class.

You won’t get the same results learning off a youtube video than you can get from attending classes at a regular, professionally run dance studio.

But that’s just my opinion – what do you think? I’d love to hear your comments in the box below.


If you’d like more information about our classes, email me or call our friendly team on 023 8001 9845 – we’d love to help you achieve your dance goals!  Or check how to book our summer intensives – a whole 4 days packed of awesome dance class action – whether you love street, ballet, tap, irish, jazz, contemporary, singing, acting and more, we have the perfect dance or performing arts intensive for YOU!


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