Lion King Review

Fresh back from seeing the opening night of The Lion King at The Mayflower Theatre, Southampton!

The show chronicles the life of a pride of Lions focussing on the relationship between Mufasa – the king – and his son Simba. We see Simba go on an epic journey to fulfill his destiny as King of the Pridelands – a stirring and timeless story which also tells of his friendship with Nala, his evil Uncle Scar, the hilarious Timon & Pumba and how those we love never really leave us.

The opening number – The Circle of Life – is hands down the best opening to a show that I have ever seen. The costumes throughout are breathtakingly good and they enable you to believe in the performers as animals from the moment you first see them. The set is extremely effective even though it’s often simple.

There were several tear-jerking moments as well as a lot of laugh-out-loud funny ones. The audience was behind the cast the whole way and I’ve never had been part of a theatrical atmosphere like it.

I couldn’t really name a star of the show – as in any truly great production the show was the star. If there was a weak link I’d say the adult Simba although he was still excellent but playing alongside outstandingly strong talent.

The lighting added to the different moods that were created – especially for They Live in You – but was also used in place of set at times to show different locations. The live musicians were fantastic, some of whom were visible throughout as they were playing in the boxes.

To sum up – the best show I have ever seen – get tickets now!

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