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So if you’ve been following the blog, and using our top 10 Irish Dance tips you should be seeing massive improvements in your Irish Dancing! Check out tips 7 – 10 to help you become the best irish dancer you can be!  But hey, we like to under-promise and over-deliver here at Dancewise so read to the bottom for some bonus content!


Read on for Dancewise Director, Alison’s tips to help you become a great Irish Dancer!

7 ~ Stay High On Your Toes

Irish dancers should be as high on their toes as possible, in soft AND hard shoe.  Imagine there are oranges or even grapefruits under your heels. If your heel comes down, you’ll squash the fruit. Don’t squash the orange!   We’re talking right up on ¾ pointe here – make sure you warm up and mobilize your toe joints before you dance.  If you need help on exercises to warm up safely, just comment below and we’ll answer your questions!

8 ~ Imaginary Tightrope

You should always imagine a tightrope in front you. Every step, lift and leap should be danced on that tightrope. This keeps your dance tight and your moves right in front of you, which will give your Irish dance precision and a ‘wow’ factor.

9 ~ Travel

Move your dance!  Really traveling adds excitement, speed and energy to the performance.

10 ~ Make It Look Easy
Irish dancers have to be masters of making what they do look easy.

Keep in mind, once you start working hard on improving your technique, the intense concentration might cause you to forget to let go and just dance. Technique is extremely important, but it’s not everything. The way you feel when you dance has a huge effect on your performance. Don’t forget why you started dancing in the first place. Irish dance is supposed to be fun, so while you’re working hard on perfecting your technique, make sure you give yourself a chance to enjoy it!

Which of these tips has helped you the most?  We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments box below!

Check back soon for your bonus blog post of extra tips!
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