Irish Dance Tips 2

We hope you found our first set of Irish Dance tips really useful!  Here’s the second set for you to use when you’re practicing!

Read on for Dancewise Director, Alison’s tips to help you become a great Irish Dancer!

4 ~ Keep Your Knees Crossed

It may sound easy, but keeping one knee in front of the other knee at all times is very difficult. Since the leg in front switches from right to left constantly, a dancer must keep their knees as close together as possible when they switch. Think about crossing your thighs over – this will really help you.

5 ~ Great Posture

A great Irish dancer always keeps their shoulders back and chest open. Keeping your arms straight is not enough – it has to be combined with great posture. Think about having helium balloons attached to your head and an anchor hanging off your tailbone to give you a great feeling of 2-way stretch through your spine. Now imagine pinning your tummy button through to the wall behind you!

6 ~ Head Up – Eyes Up

You should always have your head up and eyes up. Looking at your audience instead of at the ground adds confidence to your performance. It’s more challenging that you think it would be! Dance is a performing art – doing the steps is not enough! Having said that, Irish Dance wasn’t created in a dance studio – it was one of the original social dances so it needs to have a party feel and interaction between friends! Over the years it’s been refined into what we now as good Irish dance technique and was then overhauled by one of the greatest showmen of all time – Michael Flatley – and you don’t see him looking down!!  We always encourage our dancers to bring the party!

Which of these tips has worked for you?  We’d love to hear how you’re getting on in the comments box below!

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