Top 5 Youtube videos to improve your street dance

imageThis post is for you if:

You’re brand new to the street dance world and want to start with some legit knowledge

You’re already involved in street dance and want to push yourself to get deeper understanding of the dance, the music and the culture

You’re a teacher who knows they don’t have the knowledge they need to teach street dance and are ready to do something to improve your understanding


Whichever of these is you, if you’re serious about really improving your street dance and getting a much deeper understanding of street dance culture, you’ll love what’s coming next!

You know that amazing feeling you get when you find some super dope knowledge online?  Well I’ve found FIVE awesome YouTube videos to help you massively increase your street dance knowledge!  You’re welcome!

DISCLAIMER:  These videos are the real deal so do feature some profanity, please do not watch if you find this offensive.

Still with me?  Great!  I’m about to help you take your street dance knowledge to the next level!  Ready? Let’s go!

Best for understanding street dance culture – The Freshest Kids


Best for learning old school hip hop foundations and variations


Best for maximum knowledge bombs in a short clip


Best ambassador for all dance styles


Best for popting knowledge

I hope you enjoyed the videos and found them useful.  I loved bringing them together for you and got a buzz from watching some old stuff again and some new stuff for the first time.  If you enjoyed this post, why not share it with your friends.  Or better still, post a clip showing your awesome street dance skills in action!  Want to learn more about authentic street dance in person? Click here for your Free class!

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