Choreography Tips – part 1

Hit a brick wall with choreography?

Need some tips?

Read on for how ANYONE can produce great quality choreography quickly, effortlessly and with amazing results!

  1. Do something that inspires you! If you love a piece of music, have a favourite dance style, love a particular costume, want to explore working with a certain prop………DO THAT! It sounds obvious but so many people get tied up in what other people will think – your choreo is your chance to do what YOU want – so do it! (And if you find you keep getting ‘stuck’ on your choreo, try changing music/style/prop etc and I guarantee it’ll start to flow.
  2. Have a hook! No I don’t mean instead of a hand – I mean try and do something with a concept, story or theme. Being brutally honest, if you try and do just great choreo for the sake of it, you’re going to have to REALLY go some to be remembered. imageThink about the dances you remember from last years show – for me, Mr Ts Lockerdile routine and Miss A’s Irish dancing liquorice allsorts come to mind. But why?  Because they had a hook, a concept, something that made them more than a locking routine or an Irish dance. This made them memorable.
  3. Choose things you/your dancers can do well. No-one cares if you can ‘nearly walkover’ – just use stuff you know you can do brilliantly. Do it musically, do it with style, do it with your own flava but simple done well will ALWAYS look better than something complex that you almost pull off.

Check back soon for the next round of tips!

imageFeeling inspired? This coming Saturday we’re holding Dancewise Studios annual choreography competition at Hanger Farm in Totton. It’s not too late to enter! Email
or call 023 8001 9845 for more info or to enter.

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