The top 3 things your child needs in a pandemic…

They DON’T need you to be an amazing homeschool teacher!

They DON’T need a typical school day replicated in your lounge!

And they DEFINITELY don’t need you to be ALL the things.

The top 3 things your child needs right now are straight-forward and achievable for most people.

1 – Connection

Connection with their friends, connection with their teachers, connection with their extended family, connection with other grown ups who care…..and these things can all be achieved through an app such as Zoom. Is it the same as interacting in person? No. Will it keep them feeling connected? Yes!

2 – Routine

This doesn’t need to be perfect! Just getting up and dressed at about the same time each day and eating meals at roughly the same time is enough. You might notice your child does better with their school work in the morning or the afternoon….go with it! If there’s a time that it’s easier, gently work to that in their routine.

3 – Normality

As much as you reasonably can. There is something very reassuring about “normal” in a time when the world is anything but. Like putting on a comfy cardi! If your child has hobbies that are continuing online, the normality of keeping these going will pay dividends. (And take the heat off you for an hour or so!) Lots of children’s’ activities have created online classes to keep providing for the families they love. Check in with your child’s dance school, martial arts dojo, music teacher….you’ll be surprised at how many now offer virtual classes and how beneficial these can be. They also have the bonus of giving your child all three of the things they need right now — connection, routine and normality.

If your child would benefit from experiencing an online dance class, click here for a 6 day free dance pass.

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