The COVID Chronicles!

Just when you thought running a studio virtually was as challenging as a studio owner’s life could get, Monday happened!

On Monday, I went for a walk.  

Not a hike, not a ramble, just a walk.  

And without warning, my knee went out from under me.  Very painful!  I knew I’d need to rest it for at least a week.  

And I was due to teach that evening!

When we’re in our physical studios we demonstrate physically a lot, but we also have the opportunity to use lots of other teaching methods too….

  • Encouraging learning from peers within the class
  • Group work
  • Question and answer techniques
  • Video
  • Activities
  • Creative tasks….

Most of that is different online!

Teaching without being able to demonstrate, while already adapting my teaching methods to work online was more than a bit concerning!

I thought “what would I do if we were still in the studio?” and the answer was clear.  

Having an injury might stop me demonstrating but it doesn’t stop my knowledge – all I needed was to find a new body!

So I had a quick chat with my assistants and explained the situation.  They were more than happy to jump in – quite literally!  

Then I simply had to “spotlight” their videos for parts of the class where I would normally demonstrate and talk the class through what to do.


And you know what?  

It actually enabled me to give really in-depth feedback as I was totally focussed on watching the students, rather than needing to demonstrate.

What started as a real challenge resulted in some really high quality results for our students!

If you or your child would love to experience that kind of quality teaching (whatever happens!), click here!

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