PIlates testimonial

I’ve just been to my first ever Pilates class with Sofie at Dancewise, Hythe and I had to post about how good it was! It was very calming and relaxing after a busy day but I could also feel it really working. My abdominals, arms and thighs all feel strengthened and my spine feels long, relaxed and elastic. The teacher is really really lovely as are the other people in the class – I felt very welcome straight away. I think this class would suit almost everyone but would be especially good if you have back problems that would benefit from the muscles being strengthened and realigned and it would also be fantastic for anyone who does ballet – so so good for the posture and correct weight placement. PIlates classes are Wednesday 10:30am and Thursday 6:30pm – please try it, I wish I’d started years ago! Thank you Sofie.

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