Is your child made to feel REALLY special in their extra-curricular activities?

Here at Dancewise we believe with every piece of our hearts that our students should be made to feel not just welcome, but truly SPECIAL.

We give everything we have to making sure that happens in every single class – that every person that comes through our doors is made to feel special, loved, secure, nurtured….and like a VIP!

Because they are.

All of our students are special.

And loved.

And secure.

And nurtured….

And yes, sometimes they even get to be VIPs!

We’d love you to come an experience all of those things with us – we want YOU to come and feel special, loved, secure and nurtured.

We’d also love the chance to be able to make you feel like a VIP!

That’s why we’d like to give you this very special invitation.

We’re showing the DVD Premiere of this years show on the big screen in September and we’d love you to join us.

Here are just some of the things you that you can experience when you accept your invitation to this fabulous, star-studded event

💫 Feeling really special as you saunter down the red carpet towards the screening

💫 Smelling the delicious waft of popcorn and feeling your mouth water!

💫 Feeling the buzz of excitement as you wait with anticipation for the big moment!

💫 Feeling connected to your friends and family as you giggle your way through posing for pictures at the Dancewise photo booth

💫 Being just enthralled as you see Dancewise students, young and old, giving incredible performances

💫 Feeling pride as you see people just like your child achieving things on stage that they NEVER thought possible

💫 Feeling surprise, shock and awe as you receive your special money-can’t-buy-gift from your Dancewise Dream Team


Then get your tickets!

Sunday 2nd September 

9:15 arrival for 9:30am screening

Harbourlights Picturehouse, Southampton

Book your tickets here

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