Are you looking for someone to teach your child to dance?

Or for someone to give them a totally enriching year full of beautiful experiences? AND to teach them to dance!

We’re so excited to welcome you to Dancewise – and we have some beautiful experiences lined up for your child. We can’t WAIT to share them with you and your family!

We believe in teaching children to love dance first. THEN teaching them an authentic range of beautiful techniques and then MOST IMPORTANTLY, teaching them how to unpackage those techniques into their foundational elements.

This enables them to take what they’ve learned in class and then use it to be able to create for themselves. What a gift.

We even have a very special event where students get to do exactly that – create, play, experiment, unpackage what they’ve been taught in class and have the chance to show who they really are in their souls!  Look out for Choreo 2018!

Next up is our Halloween Spooktacular – if you’ve never experienced a Dancewise Halloween before, you need to feel the magic, be part of the connection and enjoy a whole week of the most spooktacular classes on the planet! Halloween Spooktacular week gives children who are a little shy a fantastic excuse to literally pretend to be someone else for the day! And year in, year out, we see their confidence grow and grow.  Sometimes the right environment, the right people and a silly mask or costume is all a child needs to give them a loving nudge in the right direction!

And NEW for this year, we have a beautiful Christmas event – our brand new Crimble Mingle. This family-orientated event encourages students of all ages, and their families, to mingle, dance, play, explore, build connections together and celebrate the festive season with their Dancewise family.  Just gorgeous!

Due to demand, these special events are only open to enrolled students – and our classes fill fast – here are the latest updates on classes that are either sold out, or only a few spots remaining:

Starchaser Street – SOLD OUT
Singing – SOLD OUT
Starchaser Ballet – 1 spot left
Starchaser Irish – 1 spot left
Pilates – 1 spot left
Dreamcatcher Ballet – 3 spots left
Stargazer Boys – 3 spots left
Dreamchaser Modern – 3 spots left
Starcatcher Acro – 3 spots left

As you can see, our classes fill up really quickly – so sign your child up now & hold their spot.

You can always change your child’s classes if you’d like to. Join us!

Let’s get your started:

You found us! Welcome home!

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