another day of exprience..

hello again..

On Wednesday 9th I went behind the scenes for Dancewise, dealing with the income.  I also spent time sorting out the costumes from all the shows Dancewise has done – i it was a range of variety of costumes, for all different kind of dancing. I also had a meeting with Miss A and Jan and see what’s needed to be done, and what needed to go in the diary. I was introduced to the backing up systems; I’ve never used it before, the backing up system keeps all the information on your computer/laptop in case your computer is not working. In the evening I watched Miss Stacey teach the street class, and it was really fun and interesting, as I do love street dancing myself. So yeah, another enjoyable day at Dancewise and many more to come, so keep checking out my blog and see what I get up to.
See ya guys,

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