a week of work experience almost gone.

On Thursday 10th I was introduce what WNG is. WNG stands for Waterside Network Group.   WNG is group of business people who come together every Thursday at Applemore College to tell other businessmen what they do whether they’re a dance teacher, a personal trainer, a butcher, a travel counsellor or even a person who delivers leaflets, it’s a great way to share business with other people who live in the same community as you, as well as socializing. It was nice to meet all the people and was interesting to find out about what they do and how their businesses run. In the same day I also helped Jan with the money again and the income. That evening I watched Miss A teach grade 2 modern and Miss Becky teach young children primary modern, again I really enjoyed it.
I’ve almost done a week of work experience with Dancewise now, and it had been fun and I enjoyed it very much. I have learnt so many thing about life as a dance teacher, keep checking out my blog and see if the second week will be as good as my first one.

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  1. Miss Alison says:

    You’ve done really well this week Alocha! Well done! And here’s to next week!

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