Zumba at Dancewise

Alison Foster from Dancewise Studios is going to qualify as a Zumba instructor in June – post here if you’re up for banishing the workout and shaking your booty to get the hot Zumba body! Soooo much fun, awesome workout (burns up to 600 calories a session)! Come join the party!

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4 Responses to: Zumba at Dancewise

  1. sarah says:

    Saturday mornings would be great!

  2. Miss Alison says:

    We’ll see what we can do! So far we’ve had interest for Monday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturday mornings.

    Are you interested in Zumba at Dancewise? Post here to let us know what times and days would suit you!

  3. Katie :) says:

    Zumba Zumba !!!!

  4. Miss Alison says:

    Zumba Zumba indeed!! The most fun you can have while getting fit : )

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