Zoe started dancing with us when she was 4. This is her story…

“Dancing makes me a lot happier and is my hobby away from school. I’m always really excited to come to dancing. It just makes me happy and I don’t think about anything else, I just think about dance.

If I hadn’t started classes at Dancewise I definitely wouldn’t be as confident as I am today. I’ve made friends for life and everyone just welcomed me in. Dancing is my own little bubble, it just makes me happier and more confident. If something bad happens I use it in my dance – if Im angry about something I can take it out on the floor.
The more classes I come to the more confident I feel.
I think my greatest moment was when I did my first performance when I was 5, I was really scared before I went on but I did it and then felt really proud of myself.
Since being at Dancewise I’ve had some amazing opportunities including the chance to work with Fran Dunne who has danced the lead in Lord of the Dance and got lots of tips from her.

“If you are thinking about your child starting dancing I would definitely say sign them up. They will just have a really enjoyable time. Have them try something different, thats what I did, step out of your comfort zone – that’s where the best things in life are. They’ll be happy with themselves and have had a really good time and they’ll want to keep irish dancing. “

Zoe also said before she spend time with the Dancewise family, she didn’t even want to set foot on a stage – the second photo is her at Southampton Airport having danced for the inaugural flight in from Ireland!

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