Work Experience Blog – Day 4, 28th June 2012

The first job when I arrived was to write up my blog for yesterday on the computer, then Alison showed me how to put that on the Dancewise website and showed me how to link it on the Dancewise Facebook page, so people can see what I’ve been up to!

After finishing with my blog, I unpicked some trims from some costumes and then I cut out articles about Dancewise for the press file.

After I finished that, Alison and I started to look at the Dancewise Dollars!  Parents get these special vouchers to spend at Dancewise!   We made a list of who needed what, then I put the names of the parents on them so I could  hand out when we got to the studios.  Then we had lunch!

After lunch, Alison and I did the accounts and then I was worked on some publicity material.

I got  into my dance clothing and went to the studios then I helped in classes and finished off working on my leaflets.

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