Work Experience Blog – Day 1, 25 June 2012

Monday the 25th of june

Got into the office, Alison and Jan were very welcoming when I arrived at 12.  Alison gave me the staff handbook to read, it was all about what Dancewise expect of you.  Had lunch and cup of tea at around 2  o’clock.

After that Alison showed me how to work the customer database “Jackrabbit” and I spent time getting used to how everything worked,  After that Jan showed me on how to do the accounts and how to change the amounts when money is paid in.  After that it was time to get changed into dance clothing and go to the studios.  I helped Jan get set up and get everything ready.

While Alison was teaching the first class, Jan was showing me customer service, then I had to put letters into the correct order and give them to Alison to hand out to the children.

After that I sat in on Alison’s lesson so I could  see how she teaches –  the classes included Irish dancing.

I was really pleased on how everything went and look forward to my next day.

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