What are you seeking in a dance studio for your child?

Here at Dancewise Studios we are devoted to changing lives through passion and positivity.

We are known for our ability to take children who are nervous, or shy, or maybe don’t thrive in a traditional learning environment and turn them into incredible, confident, positive people who are also amazing performers!

We believe in everyone being valued equally and no-one being “the star”.

We put more emphasis on everyone having an amazing time than most studios do – everyone having a passionate and positive experience is our highest priority.  

We’re not about everyone standing in lines – we’re about finding a million different ways to practice something so that the students get to perfect steps without even realising that’s what they’re doing.

If you’re a parent who really values the quality of the experience, the quality of the environment that students spend their time in and the quality of the tuition,  we’re the studio for you.

We would so love to be able to nurture your child, get to know them and what they’re passionate about exploring in their Dancewise journey.

Our classes start for the 2018/19 season on 25th August 2018.  They fill up quickly so sign your child up now & hold their spot.

You can always change your child’s classes if you’d like to.

Let’s get you started!


You found us!  Welcome home!

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