We are delighted to announce that the 2012 Dancewise show is “So You Think You Can Dancewise” featuring a huge range of music styles with titles that link to dance or movement in one way or the other. We’re so excited – look out for some awesome choices of music for your show dances which will be up here soon!

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  1. Katie :) says:

    Love the theme !!! 🙂

  2. Bethany Putt says:

    oh so you think you can dancewise sounds awsome hope theres loads of great dances wait they all will be great

  3. Amber Cantor says:

    Love it, it will be really fun and enjoyable for us, but sometimes can be a bit stressy backstage!!! Everyone really nervous wondering if they are going to make it through there dance, but when i am back stage i just think relax everything will be o.k, in live the dream, i read peppa pig to Nicole Bethany’s sister, actually was really relaxing!!

  4. Amber Cantor says:

    when are we starting classes again? x x

  5. Katie x says:

    3 more months 🙂 ahhhhhhhhhhh sooooooooooo excited !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amber Cantor says:

    i wasn’t to bothered about getting a trophy or anything i just hoped i would get through my dance!!! By the way are we going to start to learn are show dance next week

  7. Amber Cantor says:

    i really hope we are, i am desperate to find out what music i am dancing to and what song i am singing to in musical theatre!!x

  8. Amber Cantor says:

    I counted the weeks 15 on Sunday whipee. OMG. xxx

  9. Amber Cantor says:

    i so am, i am counting down the minutes

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