second week!

Over the weekend, dancewise had their annual show, it went really well and everyone looked stunning. We held it at The Nuffield Theatre this year which we haven’t done before, it was really nice there, the only thing we struggled with was that the stage was a lot wider than we had been practising with but everyone got used to it by the technical rehearsal. I am pleased to say that I won two trophy’s along with lots of other dancers who won several awards. I am sure that this week will include lots of washing costumes and sorting things out but I look forward to it as it’s a new challenge and new experience.

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  1. Miss Alison says:

    I’m so proud of everyone involved in Live the Dream – well done guys, couldn’t be happier with what we achieved! We’ll send a questionnaire out once I can see above the pile of costumes to be laundered to hear what you liked and what we can do next year to make it even better! Well done again xxx

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