My Work Experience…

Hii, my name is Alocha Boyce; I go to Hardley School & Sixth Form, now in year 10, I’m about to start my GCSEs. My chosen subjects to study for the next two years are English, Maths, ICT, Leisure & Tourism, Textiles, P.E. and Dance. I have chosen these subjects because I am good at them and enjoy learning them. From the 7th February to 18th February I will be doing my work experience, I chose to do it at Dancewise Studios, this is because I am taking dance as one of my GCSEs and would like to see what it’s like to be a dance teacher. I have enjoyed watching the students dance and helping out with the administration work. By having this experience I think it will help me with my future career.

Check out my blog for the next few days and see how I get on with this job and see if it’s the right job for me, hope to meet you guys at Dancewise.

>.. Alocha ..<

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  1. Miss Alison says:

    Hope you enjoy yourself Alocha and that you find out some useful info about life as a dance teacher!

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