last day at dancewise..

Heya guys,
Today’s the last day for me at Dancewise, I have to say, it’s been the most fantastic experience for me and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, this experience will stay with me for a long time, I have learnt a lot about life as a dance teacher. I’d like to say thankyou to every student at Dancewise for letting me watch them dance and thankyou to the teachers for letting me experience what’s it’s like to be them and a massive thankyou to Miss Alison and Jan for accepting me to do this work experience at Dancewise Studios, and for giving me jobs to do and letting me work with them for the past two weeks. I’m sure you won’t see the last of me…
Alocha Boyce is now signing off….

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2 Responses to: last day at dancewise..

  1. Miss Alison says:

    It’s our pleasure Alocha – you’ve been a delight to have around and we will all miss you! Come back and visit when you can!
    Miss A x

  2. Dan :) says:

    We love ALOCHA BOYCE 😀 😀 x

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