Is your child thriving at big school? Or do they need a little help?

Here at Dancewise we have just one goal – and it’s so close to our hearts:

Transforming lives through passion and positivity.

That’s right – we DON’T aim to teach your child to dance!

What we DO do is:

⭐️Take anxious, quiet children and turn them into thriving young adults

⭐️Take children that struggle to engage socially and give them the confidence to do so

⭐️Take children that don’t find school easy and give them complete mastery over their own learning both at school and everywhere else

⭐️Take children who are shy and give them massive confidence

⭐️Take children who don’t feel like they fit in and give them a place in the world that is theirs 

We’d love to welcome you into our Dancewise Family.  Contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect class that will have you beaming with pride as you see your child blossom!

You found us!  Welcome home!

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