Irish Dance Tips 1

So you love Irish Dancing?

Or maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to try?

Are you serious about becoming the best you can be?

In that case, CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve found 10 in depth Irish Dance tips that will help you achieve all your Irish Dancing goals – and more!


Read on for Dancewise Director, Alison’s, top 10 in depth tips that you need to help you become a great Irish Dancer!

1 ~ Turn Out Your Legs

Stand in front of a mirror with your feet crossed and your whole leg turned out from your hips. If your legs are turned out properly, you should be able to see a diamond shaped space between your legs and ankles. Make sure you are turning out your legs not just your feet – this is called ‘forcing turnout’ and can cause injury which we definitely don’t want!

2 ~ Keep Your Arms Straight & In The Correct Position

This is something most people notice about Irish dancers right away. It’s a huge element that makes Irish dance unique.  Tuck your thumbs in then fold your fingers down over the top. Keeping your arms nice and straight, find the ‘dimple’ in each of your glutes (bottom cheeks – sorry we tried to be polite…!) and that’s where your arms should stay. The shape of your torso and arms will determine the exact placement of your correct arm line so make sure you invest in good Irish dance classes where your teacher can give you individual attention.

3 ~ Stretch Your Feet

This seems simple enough, but a really great Irish dancer points their toes every time they lift their feet off the ground, kick their bottom, or move through the air.  Pointing your toes should actually read ‘stretch your entire foot and leg’ – extension comes from your hips not merely your toes. Golden nugget alert – this something the majority of teachers won’t tell you!

Which of these tips have you tried?  We’d love to hear your success stories in the comments box below!

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