Info for the weekend

Just to confirm a few details for the weekend.

The Dress Rehearsal on Saturday is at Manor School with times as before. Those only in Act 1 to get there at 12 to start at 1 and finish at 4pm. Those only in Act to get there at 2 to start at 3pm to finish at 6pm. Those in both Acts 12 – 6.

The technical rehearsal at the theatre on Sunday. Please come in the Stage Door (where students were coll…ected from last year – NOT the scenery dock door that we came in through). All students are to drop their lunch/tea off at the Green Room and then go straight to the auditorium where they can sit down and watch whats going on until dressing rooms are clear. Timings for the rehearsal are as follows – those only in Act 1 to get there at 9:15 to start at 10, lunch break approx 12 – 1 and then the finale 1 – 2pm approx. Those only in Act to get there at 12:15pm to start at 1pm to finish at 4pm approx for a tea break.

For the show itself, all dancers need to be checked in backstage no later than 5pm ready for the show – if your student is only in Act 1 and you’d like to collect them between the rehearsal and the show they must be back again by 5pm.

We’d love to sell out for the show and have the students peform to a full house so have try and think of one more person you know who would love to see this amazing production!

We also still have some roses and programmes available for pre-order – let Jan know if you’d like one/both as stocks are limited.

Look forward to seeing you at the weekend if not before!

Oh and why not make the show poster your profile pic – let’s see if we can cover Facebook with So You Think You Can Dancewise!!

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