Safe dance practice – dance safe this summer

Everyone at Dancewise loves the summer – you can get out and enjoy the fresh air, enjoy an ice cream and of course the sunshine puts everyone in a great mood!

Why is dance in the summer so great?

Well, anyone who’s at school, college or uni has more time to devote to their love of dance!  What a great time to enrol on a dance intensive or pilates course to ensure you keep your edge come September.  (For details of our great summer programmes click here)

You can dance outside!  Many people don’t have enough space to practice stuff at home but when the sun comes out, so do the dancers!  Especially the b-boys and b-girls amongst us!  Having said that you should ALWAYS use sun block.

Your muscles are going to be more pliable and there’s the potential to really improve your flexibility.

What are the negatives?

Suffering from skin damage – make sure that sunscreen is ON and reapplied regularly especially if you’re building up a sweat.  Nice!

The possibility of heat stroke – it’s so important to stay hydrated by sipping your water every 15 mins even if your not thirsty.  (Did you know – when you feel thirsty it’s too late?  That’s your body telling you you’re already dehydrated!)

Don’t confuse feeling warm with being warm – you must still do a thorough warm up even if you feel like you’re already warm.  Check out our blog over the next few weeks for some great tips on warming up!

Check out these tips for dancing in the heat!

Wet a bandana or scarf & put it in the freezer for a few hours, tie it around your neck & enjoy your dancing with cold refreshing water running and splashing down you as it melts!  NB This is a great tip if you’re dancing outside but do be very careful if you’re dancing on any kind of surface that could become slippery when wet.

Try and take your break somewhere cool to allow your body time to recover

Run your wrists under cold water – amazingly cooling!

Stay safe and enjoy your summer of dance!





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