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 First of all, we’d like to thank you all for coming to the Check it Out Premiere and for helping to make it such a special evening!  It was the first premiere we’ve ever run so it was a big challenge and we are overwhelmed with the lovely comments and positive response we’ve had from you all.  As promised, here is a summary of the feedback you gave us and what we’re hoping to do with your ideas and suggestions to make next years Premiere even better!

We asked you….what was the best thing about the party?

You said…..

Seeing the costumes

Glamour, excitement, enthusiasm & the chance to dress up

DVD preview of the show

Seeing how much goes into organising it

Red Carpet & having photos taken on it

It built interest about the show

People having fun

Being able to book your tickets

Chess pieces

Behind the scenes

Seeing everyone dressed up

The atmosphere


We asked you…what else would you have liked to have seen at the party?

You said ‘More props’…we had examples of all of the props that we know will be being used in this years show – it seems our students love working with props which we can definitely bear in mind for future shows!

You said ‘Mini Show’…we can certainly look into the logistics of this!

You said ‘DVDs of previous years shows’…we can definitely do this

You said ‘I can’t think of anything – you have it all covered’…thank you so so much – all of the staff at Dancewise worked so hard to pull the event together so it’s great to know you enjoyed it

You said ‘Rehearsal times’…these aren’t yet set in stone but we can aim to have these details finalised earlier next year

You said ‘Everything was just right – now can’t wait for the show’….again, it’s lovely to hear that the hard work was worth it as you seem to have had a great evening

You said ‘Louder music’…we can definitely do this and might even be able to look into the logistics of having a DJ – let us know if this is something you’d like!

You said ‘More activities’…we’re all ears – what would you like to see next year?

You said ‘Production music being played’….oh shucks!  We had aimed to have a sneak preview of the soundtrack but sadly ran out of time – we can definitely do this next year


We asked you…what do you think will be the best thing about Check it Out?

You said….

The set

Great preview & professionalism

The medleys

The people taking part in it

Seeing the students perform

Great chance for the whole of Dancewise to show off their abilities


Length of the show

Everyone getting involved

Everyone enjoying themselves

Seeing everyone in their costumes

Being on the stage

Seeing the theme

Boys Level 2 Dance!

And here are a few of your comments…

 “A massive thank you from me for making Ella feel like a VIP for the night, we thought the night was fantastic and fun.   Ella was still excited this morning and couldn’t wait to get to school to tell all her friends, especially about “Miss Alison’s dress.   PS Hope you did not stay too late to clear up!”

 “Thank you Dancewise staff for an amazing Premiere evening. Me and Molly had a great time and are very excited about the show!! Thank you again, looking forward to seeing the photos!”

“Lovely evening had by all. Well done for putting on such a lovely well organised evening. Thank you! Very proud to be part of the Dancewise family.”

If you didn’t fill in a Feedback Slip on the night, spare slips will be in the office until 21st February so please do take advantage of this opportunity to share your thoughts with us!

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