Authentic Street Dance Southampton

So you want to learn Street Dance?  Do you want the real deal?  Then you need to make sure you’re learning somewhere which is teaching authentic street dance moves!   There’s nothing wrong with a class that teaches you a routine made up of the teachers own cool moves each week – we love dance and any class that inspires you and gets you moving is all cool with us!  But if a teacher is just teaching you choreography, what are you learning for the long haul?  If you’re serious about street dance, look for a class teaching foundations of the 5 main street dance styles – locking, breaking/b-boying (‘break dancing’), hip-hop, popping and house.  Street Dance is just as technical and has as much heritage as any other dance style – make sure you’re being taught it!  At Dancewise Studios, we are proud to have 1 of only 50 qualified street dance teachers in the UK who are trained in the real deal of authentic Street Dance.  Our teacher was taught by the original pioneers of Street Dance in the US!  If you love the class you go to, wicked!  If you want more – experience a Street Dance class at Dancewise and find out why authentic is where it’s at.  Come along and be part of the Dancewise fam!

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5 Responses to: Authentic Street Dance Southampton

  1. belinda says:


    I’ve been doing street dance for quite a while now and looking to join a. Competitive dance crew, I was wondering if dancewise had one?

    Thank you,

  2. pete says:

    Hey I done street dance for 3 years at my university and loved going to competition. Would it be possible to recive some info on your additions please? However I ha e never had to do an audition so what would it involve?
    Thanks Pete

    • Miss Alison says:

      Hi Pete,
      We now have two new exciting street dance classes available – so no audition needed!
      However, we will be holding more auditions for our street dance crew in August if that’s still something you were interested in?
      Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly office team who can talk you through the options available for you – 02380019845 /
      Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Belinda says:

    hi, yes please.

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