High Five Stuff

Ready soon….Show DVDs are now being produced so we hope they’ll be ready for you soon!   

Show Handbook in Production! I’m putting together a show handbook as a guide for what to expect, what you need to do and what you can expect of us in the run up to the annual show.  Th idea is that it will become a one-stop shop for helping you through the show – especially if it’s your first one.  If you have any suggestions for what should be included, what would have been useful to know, what you know now you’ve done a show that would have been useful to know before etc, then please let me know

Show Focus Group  

 I’d also like to run a show focus group – a get together to chat about what worked well, what went wrong and how we can make sure Dancewise shows keep getting better and better.  This would be a one-off, not an ongoing commitment (unless you want it to be!).  I’d love to be able to chat things over with anyone who was involved in the show – as a parent, audience member, senior student, member of staff, backstage crew or front of house staff…..email me to get involved!

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