You want your child to thrive in lockdown, right?!

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As you can see, our focus on YOUR CHILD and their wellbeing is as strong as ever.

It’s time for you to join the hundreds of families who have discovered a whole new way to learn, perform and connect to the arts.

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How Sabrina went from “don’t look at me” to being an empowered, positive, confident performer

Dancewise is so much more than a dance studio. We are your family, your second home. We’re your port in the storm and somewhere you can come to feel inspired, happy, supported, loved, accepted and safe. We bring the underdogs together and transform them into the stars they were always meant to be. The way we achieve this transformation? Simple. The power of being involved in a live performance, plus our trademark passion and positivity.

Since 2005, Dancewise has transformed the lives of over 5,250 students.   The small but perfectly formed Dancewise Dream Team nurtures every student, knows everyone’s name and ensure that every aspect of your Dancewise experience reflects our position as the premiere provider of dance education in the South.

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How Joe went from incredibly shy to inspirational teacher in just 5 years

As soon as you choose your first Dancewise class, you are loved.  You are cared for, nurtured by our gentle, passionate team, and receive all our #dancewiselove and intentional encouragement.  Welcome home!  From the moment you connect with your Dancewise Family, you are reassured that with us everyone shines, yes everyone – that means you!

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4 things parents love about Dancewise

  • Everyone is valued equally – no-one is ever left out.
  • Every aspect is so simple for families – from tuition payments to the show – we like to make life easy.
  • Everyone is taught in the way they need to learn. Different learning styles, Special Educational Needs and challenging behaviours all catered for. We simply meet you where you are.
  • Life skills taught along side dance steps. A massive emphasis is placed on passion & positivity, energy, confidence and a super-strong mindset.

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