“I cannot believe how much fun learning to Tap dance is!! We laugh so much and I look forward to coming every single week. Alison you are fun, patient, hard working, human and an excellent teacher!! From a mum’s point of view you and Thom have helped Richard so much with his confidence with learning to Street Dance – Wednesday nights are the highlight of his week too!!”
Sue I
Adult tap student and Mum of Aspergers street dance student

“Without Dancewise I would be one very bored unsociable nervous shy boy because Dancewise has changed me for the better. The teachers inspire me everyday – sometimes it could be one of Miss A’s really annoying but true quotes and others it could be Mr T teaching us some of the coolest routines ever. Dancewise isn’t a dance school… It’s a family and a great one.”

Joe V, age 14

“Everyone at Dancewise makes me feel confident in everything they do for my daughter, and i’m thrilled you have her full time and trust you all with her completely, you are all very open to listening, problem solving, developing new ideas and adapting to change if need be – you maintain a high level of professionalism but in a way that makes us all feel part of a family and friendship group. Ellie comes out of Dancewise every day with a smile on her face, full of excitement, and also beaming if she has been praised for one class or another desperate to show off what she has learnt and busting to go back to do more, you always have time or make time for your students to help them with anything whether it be a dance move, an audition or a whole new dance style – you give so much and just watching you with your students and seeing the genuine happiness and the pride you have at little things is just awesome, you’re not just dance/singing/acting coaches you dream big along side them all and reach for the stars and help your students believe they can too, building confidence no matter their ability or level and bond friendship groups on top of the technical side you teach – and not just Miss A and Mr T, everyone at Dancewise are simply wonderful – we are lucky enough to experience this, the DW customer experience EVERY DAY”
Tammie G, mum of full time performing arts student

“I love the studios – it never feels like I go to work, I just go there to have fun! I’ve learnt so much that I wouldn’t have learnt somewhere else. Thank you for making it such a lovely, amazing place to work.”
Sofie A, Assistant Studio Director, Whiteley and teacher

“Dancewise is literally a second family. You learn amazing things with amazing people. I’ve always wanted to be part of something big – and Dancewise is big!”
Joe V, Teaching Assistant

“My favourite thing about Dancewise is the feeling of family. Thank you so much for creating a space thats so positive, so happy and that brings so much joy to everyone who interacts with us. I’d also like to say well done – at 24 to have the foresight to create a space, to create a family like you have is remarkable.”
Thom, teacher, Studio Director Hythe

“Dancewise has professionalism as well as a relaxed family feel which I think is quite unique”
Liam C, Teaching Assistant

“Its just so fun – I don’t even feel like I go to work. I teach differently now – I love teaching at Dancewise so much. I’d like to thank Dancewise for everything.”
Sami O – Assistant Studio Director, Hythe and Teacher

“Its the most amazing place in the whole entire world”.
Ellie G, Teaching Assistant

“Thank you so much – its changed my life”.
Amber C, Teaching Assistant

“Dancewise is an amazing place to be. When I first joined I was to nervous to ever go anywhere but the day I went to Dan wise it was so friendly I was looking forward to my first class so much and I’m glad I went because after 3 years each year just gets better and better and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. Dancewise is a family and I’m happy to be a part of it.”
Joe V, street dance student

“Dancewise is truly a unique place where the kids have a huge choice of dance genres, are all made welcome and they feel valued. My son’s confidence has grown so much since joining Dancewise, he’s made some great friends and he just loves being there. In fact he says “Dancewise is his life and he’ll be dancing there forever!”
Ali P, Boyd’s mum

“When you walk up the stairs to Dancewise. You aren’t just going to a studio; you’re returning to your second home. Dancewise is capable and skilful enough to have this effect on it’s customers and shows it’s safety, fun and family feel. This is why I think Dancewise deserves to win”
Ellie K, age 14, cast of Directors Piece 2015

“Dancewise is unique because, you feel valued by the teachers and students, each class feels personal as attention is given to everyone. As part of crew, I’m really great full to be given performance opportunities and be a part of a team with this support and respect we have for each other. I have made so many new friends since I have been at Dan wise and I always look forward to going to dance. The Dancewise family has made a positive impact on my life, building confidence and making various goals seem much more achievable. I’m so happy to be a part of Dancewise.”
Amelia M, unlimited class pass student

“Dancewise is different to other dance experiences because all the teachers and students are so friendly and welcoming. Dancewise has given me lots of opportunities and has helped me grow in confidence in and outside of dance. I have met lots of new friends and love being a part of the Dancewise family!”
Hannah R, unlimited class pass student

“Dancewise makes me feel so happy, I have met so many new friends. I love the Dancewise fam and it is the place to go for a dance and a giggle!  The  teachers are inspiring and sup portico with big dreams for them and their students I can’t put into words how much I love being at Dancewise.”
Boyd P, street dance student

“A big thank you to Thom and Alison for the intensive week of street dance Joseph has never been so happy and he has learnt soooo much”
Michelle Vickers

“3/5’s of my family benefit from the fantastic teaching and fun at dancewise. Theo will be along before you know it to try some ballet or street dance”
Jane Marsh

“Energetic, Inspired, Fun, Authentic, and constantly striving for excellence – I highly recommend Dancewise Studios”
Rah Cattell, Street Dance industry professional

“The Dancewise Family are awesome!”
Andrew Longland, Benjamin’s Dad

“I definitely recommend Dancewise Studios Ltd. Great studio with fun classes and a friendly staff! Madison and Lily-Mae love coming to Dancewise. Every teacher always has a smile and lovely with the children. Totally wonderful atmosphere.”
Jane G

“Great place full of amazing people! Get dancing!!”
Livvy Schnugh, Henry’s Mum

“Love Dancewise! Amazing teachers & great atmosphere at adult ballet.”
Rosie Inman

“Rachael loves coming to Dancewise for the singing, all the staff are very friendly and helpful.”
Julie Henning

“An excellent timetable full of exciting classes in beautiful studios. The staff are always friendly and welcoming!”
Katie Nicholas, adult ballet student

“Friendly studio, staff are really nice and friendly, as well as a brilliant range of classes! Molly is really enjoying doing her tap/modern every Saturday!”
Heather Gifford

“You will be amazed at what u will learn in 2 hours!!!”
Kelli Stephens, Jordan’s Mum

“Fantastic & friendly staff! Great for working out & meeting new people”.
Sarah Barnes, fitness student

“Working shift work means I can’t always attend classes, Dancewise make this so easy and everyone is so lovely. Dancewise ‘make up class’ system is great and allow of people like me to still love and enjoy dancing.”
Dr Pip Thomas, Intermediate Ballet student

“I just wanted to write and thank you for the fantastic birthday party you held for Ffion. It was amazing, as a mum I had nothing to do! That’s great. The kids had a fantastic time. At no time were they bored. The party was full on, all go! I never felt worried that they were not entertained and even better you also sorted out the party bag….In addition, I just want to thank you for all the effort you guys put into the lessons, Ffion loves coming to Dancewise. She enjoys all her classes with teachers that are down to earth and whom share their passion for dance. Thank you.”
Claire Lowther

“I would just like to send a quick email saying thanks so much for making my son and I feel welcome at Dancewise. I appreciate that Colm has not been attending very long, about 6 weeks, but considering how nervous he was to start with I am impressed at how quickly he has settled. He helped me get the decorations out of the loft this weekend and as I was up and down the ladder he was practicing his ‘sticky toffee’ on the loft floorboards. As a father who can’t put one foot in front of another and has spent my social life hiding from dance floors I have also appreciated your friendly and supportive advice in an environment where I am clearly a fish out of water. Many thanks, Sean Robertson – proud father”
Colm’s Dad, Sean

“Always cheerful and happy to help.”
Caroline Hall, Miranda’s Mum

“I am delighted you have been put forward for local business awards, as you provide such a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all ages. All the staff are always happy to help and are friendly and approachable. I have really enjoyed trying a variety of classes and your ‘free trial’ scheme is exactly that with no hidden catches. Your welcoming approach to newcomers into the family ethos has encouraged me to bring other people along too. You provide a brilliant service thankyou very much!”
Lorraine Gordon, adult contemporary student

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for such excellent service over the past year. You have all made it very easy for Boyd to join the Dancewise family and have nurtured and encouraged him into the dancer he is today. You are always at the end of the telephone to answer questions and sort out any of our queries or simply to just lend support to Boyd when he questions himself. Fantastic customer service with real people ironing out issues that arise. Thank you so much and we look forward to another challenging, exciting and fun year with Dancewise.”
Alison Pomeroy

“Thank you for all your hard work over the past year, we know the girls really appreciate it and most importantly enjoy their time at Dancewise”
Tracey, PJ, Bethany & Nicole Putt

“I was greeted by a group of friendly students and a cheerful teacher and I was made to feel very welcome by everyone and immediately felt comfortable and not self conscious at all. The teacher was encouraging and gave constructive criticism in an affable manner and was quick to give praise where it was due. I later found that this atmosphere was not exclusive to open ballet but indeed is at the very core of what Dancewise Studios is all about. Both the staff and students effortlessly create an atmosphere of professionalism with a great family feel that makes all new and returning students, no matter their age, feel so welcome and wanted. I would personally recommend Dancewise Studios to anyone of any age or experience who is looking to start dance classes whether it is just as a hobby or to take dance to a professional level.Dancewise has truly welcomed me with open arms and my only regret is that I did not discover it earlier.”
Liam Croucher – Advanced Ballet & Contemporary Student

Toe Tapping Tour 2009 – Daily Echo
“I have a confession to make – I can be quite stereotypical, particularly when it comes to dance. Turning up in Holbury to take part in a dance style that I feared would see me fall flat on my face rather than change my name to Natasha Flatley was quite concerning. I am of course talking about Irish dance one of the most traditional, pure and fascinating styles. I was greeted with beaming smiles, green leotards and ballet pumps. So with all fears banished, Dancewise Studios led by Miss A threw me straight in. This is a very disciplined dance style but Dancewise teach it in a fun and friendly environment, and funk it up by using modern music to get those legs high.”
Natasha Car, Dance Page Editor, Daily Echo

“…. Thanks so much. I know she doesn’t really want to give up but once her GCSEs are out of the way she would love to be able to come back. She loves attending your classes and they really have helped her over the past few years so I really do mean a big THANK YOU … for everything you have done for her.”
Colleen Yonoff

“She has spent the last 2 weeks dancing and singing round our living room always welcoming the audience (Hamish and I) and always curtseying at the end – she would never have done this even a few months ago and I would like to thank you for this as her confidence has grown so much in everything she does and I am sure it is because of the support and encouragement she receives from everyone at Dancewise.”
Rachel C, Matilda’s Mum

“As very proud and pleased parents we would like to thank you and your staff at Dancewise for the teaching, care and support you have given during the past year. Sitting outside the hall, it’s nice to hear the banter between the tutors and students. Clearly, respect and fun are high on the agenda. We would also like to thank you personally for the hard work and time you gave for her Irish solo. Every member of the audience were on their feet. The compliments flowed and many wanted to know where she had learnt to dance so well.”
A and L McElevey

About our performances

“I just wanted to let you know how much my family and I enjoyed the show. The standard was exemplary and I send my thanks to all those involved. Clearly a lot of planning and hard work has preceded the event – and it showed!”
Graham J Porter, Underwood Solicitors on Premiere, 2009

“Watching Premiere was a delightful way to spend my Sunday evening.  Act 1 was charming and Act 2 thrilling.  Lovely costumes, clever choreography and attention to detail ensured a visual delight for all to see”
Jane French on Premiere, 2009

“What a show!  They just keep getting better!  You could tell from all the students faces just how much they enjoyed themselves.  Well done Dancewise on another show stopper!”
Sarah Officer on Premiere, 2009

“Well rehearsed, very professional.  All the performers were obviously enjoying themselves.”
Commentator Doug Murphy on Blackfield School Summer Fete, 2006

“I thought today’s performance was fantastic.”
Sharon Cole

“Excellent performances from everyone involved.  Very professional costumes and polished performances.”
A Hobley on Manor Day 2007

“All of us here at the Stables want to say a huge THANK YOU for participating in our Summer Fayre.  Your performances were fantastic and we really appreciate the time and effort given in travelling a fair distance from another event.”
Wendy Moore on performance at Stable Family Home Trust Summer Fete, Ringwood, 2007

“The girls worked very hard to put on a great show for everyone.  A credit to all involved.”
Anne-Marie O’Connor on Waterside Arts Festival 2008

“Fantastic, amazing, the children put in such a lot of hard work and it certainly paid off.  I really enjoyed all performances.  Very well rehearsed and lovely costumes.  Very well done.”
S A Knight on Waterside Arts Festival 2008

“All the dancers were excellent.  It was lovely to watch.  Very professional.”
D Chadwick on Waterside Arts Festival 2008

“What a performance!  All dancers looked relaxed and like they really enjoyed themselves.  Very professional!  Great costumes!  Well done Dancewise!”
S Officer on Waterside Arts Festival 2008

“The ballet this year was beautiful and the boys were the best they’ve ever been.”
J French

First Dance Testimonials

“We decided very late in the wedding preparations to have dance lessons, partly through sheer panic at the thought of dancing in front of 100 of our friends and family and partly because we wanted to do something different! Thankfully we remembered Dancewise’ details from a wedding fair we had attended earlier in the year, so took the plunge and got in contact.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the result, with 5 lessons being just the right amount to choreograph a full routine to our attempt at a waltz! The best thing was the thought given to how the choreography needed to accommodate the potential hazard of the bridal gown and Alison’s patience with our frequent mistakes!! We and our guests thoroughly enjoyed the “performance” on the night and it certainly turned the embarrassing 3 minute shuffle into a talking point! Highly recommended!”
Neil and Jo Hipkiss

“Our first dance was amazing and all our family and friends were blown away as we kept it all a surprise! It must have been one of the highlights as our guests asked us to do it twice! Thank you Alison for all your patience and guidance in making two people who can’t dance look like they know what they are doing. We got a few steps wrong but we got such cheers and applause that only we must have noticed. Everything was great and we would have no problem recommending Alison and Impulse at Dancewise studios to others.”
Graham and Michelle Blair

Performance Team Testimonials

“I count myself as privileged to have been in the audience to see Dancewise’s rendition of the last dance from Dirty Dancing. The whole thing was heart stopping! It was wonderful to see a group of such highly talented dancers perform one of THE dances from the silver screen.!”
Barbara Jones

“The Dirty Dancing routine by Dancewise was absolutely fantastic and I was so lucky to see it. I’m a fan of the film but I thought this routine performed by Dancewise was better than the original. The atmosphere was electric and the chemistry between the two lead dancers really gave this performance the edge. Watch this on YouTube and look out for the amazing jump off the stage at the end of the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXKFhM6vEww”
Natasha Crocker