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Dancewise Show 2020

Our show theme is yet to be announced…

It will be unveiled to our cast and their families at our beautiful VIP Show Launch Party in the spring term. This red carpet event is a high energy, fully themed party designed to kick start our biggest term!

With 2020 being our 15th year birthday party it’s going to be BIG!

Join the cast and make memories below

Dancewise Calendar

Previous Dancewise Productions

2019 – Within Us All, The Point, Eastleigh

2018 – It’s Just a Hop, Skip and a Jump Scare, Isn’t It?, The Point, Eastleigh

2017 – Among the Stars, The Point, Eastleigh

2016 – Believe in Me, The Point, Eastleigh

2015 – Next 10, The Point, Eastleigh

2014 – Check It Out, The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

2013 – E-motion, The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

2012 – So You Think You Can Dancewise, The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

2011 – Live the Dream, The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

2010 – High Five, The Waterside Theatre, Holbury

2009 – PremiereThe Waterside Theatre, Holbury

2008 – MusicalityThe Waterside Theatre, Holbury

2007 – These are the daysThe Waterside Theatre, Holbury

2006 Show – Back to my RootsThe Waterside Theatre, Holbury