2008 Show – ‘Musicality’

Real Hot Stuff from Dance Students

Theatre Review by Janice Taylor

“The title of Dancewise Studios’ third annual show may have been ‘Musicality’, but it could equally have been called ‘When you’re smiling’, because the looks on those young dancers’ faces said it all – and the feeling of sheer enjoyment was quickly picked up by the audience. The dance students – from babies to adults – skipped, tapped, cart wheeled, pirouetted and stomped their way through the wonderful world or musical theatre, while their beaming smiles captivated the audience from start to finish. Stunning costumes helped create a truly magical atmosphere in the Waterside Theatre as the audience were treated to a positive extravaganza of dance, performed with such energy and enthusiasm.

Who could fail to be charmed by those Baby Ballet fairies in their Peter Pan routine, or to be awestruck and amazed by the speed, rhythm and precision of the accomplished Irish dancers. The second half of the show opened with a powerful premiere performance of a newly devised original work, ‘All It Takes’, which challenged the dancers to face up to a serious subject through dance, and made a huge impression on the audience.

Samples of award-winning festival pieces; striking jazz and modern interpretations of popular show songs; the elegance of classical ballet; and the mesmerising rhythm of tap dancers, all came together in a magnificent celebration of the joy of dance. ‘Musicality’, presented by Holbury-based Dancewise Studios, was performed on possibly the hottest day of the year, and the dancers certainly went home in a blaze of glory that night.”

The Waterside Herald, 28th August 2008


Musicality Review – Southern Daily Echo

Rebecca Welsh

Musicality is Dancewise Studios’ third major production, showcasing the dancing talents of students from the very young to the less so. It is staged to well known musicals, such as Cats and Chicago and dance numbers such as Riverdance. The piece de resistance is an original coming of age story, entitled All It Takes. This is a contemporised piece, danced with passion and conviction. The brother and sister worked well together and created the necessary friction with a maturity belying their years. All the dancers performed to an extremely high standard, with dances choreographed to their age and experience, encompassing jazz, tap, Irish, modern, ballet and many others. The little ones were heart melting and focused on their routines with great sincerity and concentration.

The Irish dancers’ leg work was so slick and energetic as they high kicked across the stage that it blurred out of focus. Beautifully costumed and with excellent timing, this was one not to miss.

Southern Daily Echo, Tuesday 29th July 2008


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