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Why your dancer is THRILLED to be going back to the studio!

Monday, July 27th, 2020

Your dancer has missed being in the studio like they missed their phone last time they lost it!

Here are the 7 things your dancer is most excited about when we go back to the studios on 17th August!

  1. Seeing their Dancewise Family!

They’ve missed their friends!  They’ve missed their teachers!  They’ve missed the camaraderie, the in jokes and the easiness of together with their Dancewise Family.  The excitement in your dancer is FIZZING at the idea of being back together with their dancing family!

  1. Connecting with the music and each other

That feeling of connecting with the music live and feeling the connection with everyone around them.  The feeling that art is being created.  The feeling of everyone working together to achieve a common goal – bringing the music to life!

  1. New challenges!

We know your dancer loves a challenge – and we know that they are pumped and ready to achieve more than they ever thought possible!  The new challenges that the Dancewise Dream Team have planned for your dancer will fill them with joy and excitement – we can’t WAIT!

  1. The enjoyment they only get in the studio

Making new memories, trying new things, and that FEELING of moving through space.  The studio is a very special place and there is a certain kind of enjoyment that can only be found there.  Who’s ready?!

  1. The positive vibes!

Dancewise is famous for its passion and positivity – and we took that responsibility incredibly seriously during lockdown.  But, when we see your dancer in person?  That’s when the positive vibes get SUPERSIZED!  And they know it!

  1. Um…..the smell!

No really!  There is a unique smell that goes with a dance studio.  A heady cocktail of sweaty shoes, Impulse/Lynx, rosin and love for dance!  It might not be everyone’s scent of choice (!) – but we bet it’s a smell your dancer has missed!

  1. Massive progress

Lots of dancers have been excelling online – we’ve seen ridiculous increases in technique, strength and artistry.  But we know your dancer can’t wait to have lots of space to show us what they’ve got!  That progress will grow wings when your dancer is back in the studio!

And here’s the thing that YOU will have missed

Remember asking your dancer how their school day was?  


I bet YOU miss conversations about dancing where you ask them how class was and you can see in their face and hear in their voice how inspired and excited they are by everything they did and what is yet to come.

It’s not long now til your dancer gets all of these things (and more!) at our #GetStudioReady Masterclasses.  We can’t wait – and neither can your dancer!

Not yet part of the Dancewise Family?  We’d love to welcome you!  

Why dance matters in a pandemic

Sunday, July 26th, 2020

Check out this article Dancewise Founder, Alison Jones, wrote for Dance Advantage – we hope it’s useful ❤️

5 of the BEST Summer Kids Activities in Southampton

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

The Summer holidays are here and on top of all the normal challenges they bring, this year there’s social distancing and a global pandemic to contend with too!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for the best summer activities for kids that will be fun for them, and stress free for you!

Bookmark, screenshot, and save this list to your desktop because we promise it will come in handy during your summer and as you think ahead to next school year!

1. Marwell Zoo

Marwell is ready to welcome you back!  This one is great because it’s a chance to get your kids outdoors!  Kids love seeing the giraffes, tigers and penguins – and much more!  On top of enjoying seeing all the animals, you and your kids will also get some exercise and some fresh air!  And if you can’t wait til you get there, you can check out the webcams!  

2. Calshot Beach

At Dancewise, we love the beach!  Our favourite is Calshot where you can paddle and enjoy an ice cream! You can also enjoy great views of the ships on Southampton Water!  Plus it’s the home to Calshot Activities Centre which is now open for watersports tuition and kayak hire.  Have a 4 legged friend?  Calshot is dog friendly and your pup can enjoy splashing in the sea or following the sniffs around the salt marsh which is home to lots of birds and other wildlife.

3. Rock Up

Need to burn off some of their energy?  Ready to see them reach new heights?!  Rock Up, Whiteley has amazing climbing walls, towering over 8m!  Rock Up the Twister, walk up up the Stairway to Heaven or set a new record on running up the Speed Climbing wall. There’s so much more to enjoy and achieve each time you visit. Sure to leave them tired and you with a few moments quiet – you’re welcome!

4. Made for Making Family Workshops

At Dancewise, we LOVE finding other local activities that get kids’ creative side working!  The whole family can join Made for Making activities at Eastleigh Museum. Try making a balloon powered vehicle or wind powered weather vane out of materials from the scrap store!  Memories in the making! The best thing about these workshops?  They are FREE!  (And indoors – in case we’re treated to a traditional English summer!) 

We hope this helps creating some fantastic summer fun super easy for you! Do you have something we should add to the list? We would love to hear from you!  We are always looking for new kids activities near Hythe and Whiteley! 

The best thing about this list is that it takes the pressure off YOU to create summer fun for your child. At Dancewise, we see how much our parents do for their kids. We KNOW you deserve a break! Hopefully, this list makes your job just a little bit easier!

5. Summer Stars virtual dance camp 

Now we know we are a little biased, but we couldn’t leave ourselves off this list! 

Our one of a kind virtual dance camp is designed to give kids massive confidence, make them feel energised and excited, plus by the end of the camp they will perform like a star!  Your child will connect with other grown ups who really care about them, make new friends for life, learn awesome dance skills and get the chance to perform in our end of camp virtual showcase.  Dancers at our Summer Stars virtual camp also receive a professionally edited video of their performance with their friends, some surprise treats AND VIP Priority Enrolment for September!

Your Summer Star will enjoy theatre dance sessions, street dance sessions and Surprise Box Sessions – you never know what will come out next – exciting surprise sessions for every day of the week!  Summer Stars runs 10th – 14th August 2020, 9am – 1pm each day.  All sessions are recorded so if any of the days aren’t convenient, your child won’t miss out!  The early bird price is just £124 – book now!

We are also thinking ahead to the 2020/2021 school year and already taking enrolments!  We have classes for ALL ages and levels.  Need a little extra help choosing a class? Take our free quiz here to find the perfect class!  We’d love to welcome you into the Dancewise Family.

Alison Jones is a dance education expert, writer and founder of Dancewise Studios. If you’re ready for your child to try a virtual dance camp or would like to enrol for September, click here for more information