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Is your child thriving at big school? Or do they need a little help?

Monday, August 20th, 2018

Here at Dancewise we have just one goal – and it’s so close to our hearts:

Transforming lives through passion and positivity.

That’s right – we DON’T aim to teach your child to dance!

What we DO do is:

⭐️Take anxious, quiet children and turn them into thriving young adults

⭐️Take children that struggle to engage socially and give them the confidence to do so

⭐️Take children that don’t find school easy and give them complete mastery over their own learning both at school and everywhere else

⭐️Take children who are shy and give them massive confidence

⭐️Take children who don’t feel like they fit in and give them a place in the world that is theirs 

We’d love to welcome you into our Dancewise Family.  Contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect class that will have you beaming with pride as you see your child blossom!

You found us!  Welcome home!

Are you looking for a dance studio where your child enjoying special opportunities is the norm?

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

That’s what we do here at Dancewise.

We take every opportunity to make our students feel special, loved and really valued.

That’s why when the show DVD is ready, we LOVE to make a big song and dance about it!

Meet Jess

She came along to last years’ DVD Premiere….and this is what she had to say about it:

“The excitement of having people around you who feel the same as we watch the DVD

It felt nervously amazing?? And also professional”

If you’re thinking about coming along to the Premiere this year, Jess has this message for you:

Have pride in yourself while watching yourself dance with the most amazing people! Because it isn’t selfish to be proud of a passion. ”

Sound good?!

Then get your tickets!

Sunday 2nd September 

9:15 arrival for 9:30am screening

Harbourlights Picturehouse, Southampton

Book your tickets here –

Is your child made to feel REALLY special in their extra-curricular activities?

Sunday, August 5th, 2018

Here at Dancewise we believe with every piece of our hearts that our students should be made to feel not just welcome, but truly SPECIAL.

We give everything we have to making sure that happens in every single class – that every person that comes through our doors is made to feel special, loved, secure, nurtured….and like a VIP!

Because they are.

All of our students are special.

And loved.

And secure.

And nurtured….

And yes, sometimes they even get to be VIPs!

We’d love you to come an experience all of those things with us – we want YOU to come and feel special, loved, secure and nurtured.

We’d also love the chance to be able to make you feel like a VIP!

That’s why we’d like to give you this very special invitation.

We’re showing the DVD Premiere of this years show on the big screen in September and we’d love you to join us.

Here are just some of the things you that you can experience when you accept your invitation to this fabulous, star-studded event

💫 Feeling really special as you saunter down the red carpet towards the screening

💫 Smelling the delicious waft of popcorn and feeling your mouth water!

💫 Feeling the buzz of excitement as you wait with anticipation for the big moment!

💫 Feeling connected to your friends and family as you giggle your way through posing for pictures at the Dancewise photo booth

💫 Being just enthralled as you see Dancewise students, young and old, giving incredible performances

💫 Feeling pride as you see people just like your child achieving things on stage that they NEVER thought possible

💫 Feeling surprise, shock and awe as you receive your special money-can’t-buy-gift from your Dancewise Dream Team


Then get your tickets!

Sunday 2nd September 

9:15 arrival for 9:30am screening

Harbourlights Picturehouse, Southampton

Book your tickets here

Are you looking for someone to teach your child to dance?

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Or for someone to give them a totally enriching year full of beautiful experiences? AND to teach them to dance!

We’re so excited to welcome you to Dancewise – and we have some beautiful experiences lined up for your child. We can’t WAIT to share them with you and your family!

We believe in teaching children to love dance first. THEN teaching them an authentic range of beautiful techniques and then MOST IMPORTANTLY, teaching them how to unpackage those techniques into their foundational elements.

This enables them to take what they’ve learned in class and then use it to be able to create for themselves. What a gift.

We even have a very special event where students get to do exactly that – create, play, experiment, unpackage what they’ve been taught in class and have the chance to show who they really are in their souls!  Look out for Choreo 2018!

Next up is our Halloween Spooktacular – if you’ve never experienced a Dancewise Halloween before, you need to feel the magic, be part of the connection and enjoy a whole week of the most spooktacular classes on the planet! Halloween Spooktacular week gives children who are a little shy a fantastic excuse to literally pretend to be someone else for the day! And year in, year out, we see their confidence grow and grow.  Sometimes the right environment, the right people and a silly mask or costume is all a child needs to give them a loving nudge in the right direction!

And NEW for this year, we have a beautiful Christmas event – our brand new Crimble Mingle. This family-orientated event encourages students of all ages, and their families, to mingle, dance, play, explore, build connections together and celebrate the festive season with their Dancewise family.  Just gorgeous!

Due to demand, these special events are only open to enrolled students – and our classes fill fast – here are the latest updates on classes that are either sold out, or only a few spots remaining:

Starchaser Street – SOLD OUT
Singing – SOLD OUT
Starchaser Ballet – 1 spot left
Starchaser Irish – 1 spot left
Pilates – 1 spot left
Dreamcatcher Ballet – 3 spots left
Stargazer Boys – 3 spots left
Dreamchaser Modern – 3 spots left
Starcatcher Acro – 3 spots left

As you can see, our classes fill up really quickly – so sign your child up now & hold their spot.

You can always change your child’s classes if you’d like to. Join us!

Let’s get your started:

You found us! Welcome home!