2010 Show – ‘HIGH FIVE’

Review: Dancewise Studios – High Five

Natasha Carr – Entertainments Correspondent
Southern Daily Echo

It’s unusual to have a numeric theme associated with a dance school, but Dancewise Studios have the number 5 to be proud of. Last Sunday, July 25, was not only 5 years to the day the school opened its doors to 5 pupils, but it also marked the day when a ballet, tap, Irish and modern dance school from Holbury wowed audiences at The Waterside Theatre with ‘High 5′ a showcase of new numbers and their best bits.The show took a new take on performance, as not only was there classic choreography, but it was littered with an awards ceremony throughout which provided a real dance community and appreciation of achievement. There were awards for personality, performance and progress amongst others, and the show was supported by many local businesses in the area which was lovely. Dancewise Studios did what they do best – Irish to the likes of C’est La Vie and A Dancer’s Tale and Ballet to Swan Lake and Annie. But amongst the more traditional numbers was a surprise of some Greek dance – learnt in a matter of weeks we are told, but danced to West End standards, some street dance and also musical theatre with a lovely rendition of Hallelujah which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with the notes.

The highlight of the show for me was Funks Incorporated – a collaboration of the boys’ class and higher grade tap which was performed in boiler suits and with sticks and steel props to We Will Rock You. The characterisation in the pefrormances was second to none, especially in the Dirty Laundry number, and the baby ballet doing English Country Garden had the cute factor. The Irish solos were lovely but perhaps my favourite pieces were the extracts from the classical ballet La Fille Mal Gardee and the contemporary number to the Rolling Stones, Rooster. The dancers of the advanced professional ballet class performed with such precision, it was impeccable to watch and the Irish performances were no less than outstanding. Love, love, love the values, ethos and friendliness that you are greeted with by this dance school, and all I have to say is, here’s to the next 5 years!


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