2006 Show – ‘Back to my Roots’

Wow – What a Show

Concert Review by Janice Taylor

“Barely a year after opening its doors for the first time, Holbury based Dancewise Studios have staged their first major production – ‘Back to my Roots’ was performed at the Waterside Theatre to a capacity crowd.

If ever I saw a show where the audience was so firmly on the performers’ side, this was it. From tots to teens, the young dancers strutted, tapped and pirouetted their way through a journey in dance, to the deafening applause of their totally amazed and utterly impressed audience.

From the elegance of ballet to the energy of jazz, from the innovation of street dance to the speed of Irish dance, this show had it all. Imaginatively choreographed, skilfully performed, the dances were given that extra something by the colourful, shimmering costumes and some very well chosen pieces of music.

‘Back to my Roots’ was given the ‘aaah’ factor by the tinies who charmed the audience each time they came on stage, and the ‘wow’ factor by the sheer energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment the dancers clearly demonstrated from curtain up to finale.

It was a terrific show which left the audience stunned by the incredible progress all the young people had made in such a short time. Dancewise Principal, Alison Foster and her team can feel justifiably proud of the results. If they can achieve this in one year, who knows what delights future shows will hold.”

The Waterside Herald, 2006


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